BAYSTORM [11.03.19, 11.24.19 & 12.01.19]

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Played songs:
   A.RA.SHI - 嵐
   Onaji Sora no Shita de - 嵐
   Border - 嵐
MEGA | 26.90MB | mp3 format

Played songs:
   Drive - 嵐
   A.RA.SHI - 嵐
   Hit the floor - 大野智
MEGA | 26.91MB | mp3 format

Played songs:
   Kimi no Yume o Miteita - 嵐
   Count on me - 嵐
   Turning Up - 嵐
MEGA | 26.91MB | mp3 format

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Nihongo Johnny

I found this YouTube channel that talks about horror in Japan.

Since I'm a huge fan of horror stuffs specially related to Japan, I was entrigued and watched some of his videos. Even though his videos are the story telling type, it just keeps my interest high. Maybe because it's Japan & horror related at the same time.

If you have the same interest as me that likes Japan and horror at the same time, try checking out this guy's channel. His channel is named Nihongo Johnny.

Here's a link of his YouTube Channel